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Windows Support Tools 5.2

Need advanced help troubleshooting network issues? Get Windows Support Tools
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Windows Support Tools is a compilation of commands (yeah, no graphical user interface) aimed for advanced users that need to troubleshoot issues that can vary from a network problem to application compatibility.

Windows support tool is only available on Windows XP, isnt installed by default and can be installed from Windows Installation CD or downloaded from Microsoft Website.

Most of this tools that by the way are a lot of them, wont be used everyday, not even on enterprise environments, some of them are as simple as the extract command used to extract (doh) windows cab files. Others like Ipseccmd can be used to troubleshoot windows ipsec policies, if you dont know what ipsec is, then dont worry, you will never need to use this tool.

The main problem using Windows Support Tools is that you get only information, thats it, no explannation what it might mean or just a piece of information that doesnt make sense unless you analize a trend. That same situation happens with Windows Event viewer, you got a lot of alerts on a second, that doesnt worth a cent if you dont analize a trend.

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  • Free
  • Include a big command list


  • Only for advanced users
  • Validation required to download tools
  • Not compatible with X64 operating systems
  • Results are not that clear as we wish
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